Reflections on the first year of establishment – board away day

The 17 July 2024 will mark a year of operations for the Maritime Area Regulatory Authority (MARA). During the past 12 months the Board of MARA has been governing the organisation and preparing to deliver its first statement of strategy. MARA’s engagement process continues to develop and the Board, recently took the opportunity to gain further understanding of the diverse perspectives across our stakeholder ecosystem.

At a recent visit to Galway, the first board away day, the Board took in a mixture of presentations and discussions with the Port of Galway, the Ryan Institute at the University of Galway and the Marine Institute.

Commenting following the experience, Chairperson Mark Mellett, Vice Admiral (Rtd) DSM Phd said “We are really grateful to all who provided inputs during our visit to Galway, as MARA approaches its first birthday it was great to take this time with the board and meet with our stakeholders to gain further insight and perspective in advance of the launch of our first Statement of Strategy in the near future.”